Houston flood help

(Scott koshland) #1

Especially since the last Biologos conference was in Houston, does anyone have a good suggestion for helping our brothers and sisters in Houston?

(Mervin Bitikofer) #2

This has been on my heart too, and probably for many of us here I’m sure; though I have yet to do anything about it other than prayer. I’m also sure that opportunities to help will be stretched out on a scale of years. Words like “unprecedented” keep being used. Thanks for naming this here. It seems to me to be the biggest elephant in the room at the moment, even though life does (as it must) go on elsewhere.


Here’s the World Vision page for Houston relief. Here’s information on The Red Cross and the Salvation Army. And here is the Episcopal Relief and Development page for Houston. There are plenty of other legitimate organizations collecting funds for Houston. Just beware of scammers.

(Brad Kramer) #4

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Here’s another organization I like: Preemptive Love Coalition

Please feel free to post other suggestions below.

(Phil) #6

Great ideas. Texas Baptist Men do a great work of feeding and getting rescue efforts in also http://texasbaptistmen.org/
All volunteer, so all the funds go directly to care.
I am busy with work and keeping grandkids while my daughter and husband go back to Rockport, as their house was unroofed there where the hurricaine hit, but they are fine, just trying to salvage what they can and find a new place to live. Houston is a still a disaster in progress. Some of the younger guys in our church have headed down with boats and chain saws with the above group.

(Scott koshland) #7

Thank you all for your comments, prayers and work you are doing for the people of Texas. I am praying for those effected and those helping and will donate to some of these groups. God bless you. In His Name.

(Curtis Henderson) #8

My family is safe and sound. We are high and dry, and it looks like it’ll stay that way, although quite a few neighbors are severely flooded. It might be a day or two before we can get out of a few mile radius, so will be helping neighbors until we can do much more.

Red Cross is always a great choice for effective and efficient help.

Your prayers for the area (now including Louisiana) are much appreciated!

(Jonathan) #9

I am glad to hear that you and your family are safe. I will be praying for you, and all who are facing hardship and suffering in this severe storm.

(Antoine Suarez) #10

My solidarity and prayers with you and all affected in Houston:
Impressive fellow Texans helping Texans!
In Switzerland we are also in the aftermath of a massive landslide descended on the Graubünden town Bondo.
So we can support each other.

(Scott koshland) #11

Antoine. I had not heard about the landslide in Switzerland. My prayers to those affected by this. God bless.


Of course we righty care about Houston but I hope that people will,also be aware of the greater flooding affecting millions in India, Nepal and Bangladesh. Millions have lost crops and lively hoods, access to schools etc. Houston will recover far more quickly than the Indian subcontinent. There people are far pooer and vulnerabe to what has happened. I have frequenlty heard it said that the US is a very insular country that does not look at the rest of the world unless it affects them in some way.


A lot of us in the U.S. are aware of the flooding in Nepal and Bangladesh. These people had little and now it’s all gone.

(Curtis Henderson) #14

Thanks, Antoine. Great to be part of this group with international reach and support! Going through an experience like this helps me be more empathetic to others around the world. You and your area will be in my prayers, Antoine!