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I was not sure how to title it so just went with that. I understand that this is going to be speculative with no actual concrete theological or scientific explanation since it seems to go beyond it all.

We are biological beings. Our memories are stored in our brains and so on. When we feel emotions, it’s chemicals and ect…

So that brings me to wondering how does the Holy Spirit interact with us? Not just how did it influence the biblical authors and so on but also just daily life. In my mind I always imagine it sort of like Bluetooth. Often in the Bible we see claims of God interacting with people in their dreams and sometimes a few even heard audio voices. On the road to Damascus Paul was the only one to see and hear what he experienced.

I know that we can hallucinate. Audio, tactile, visual and even smell. Our dreams take place within our brains. I’m not trying to get into some kind of god organ in our brains as proof or anything just how could our biological species pick up on a other dimensional being without others seeing or hearing it unless it was something tied to our brains. Not saying God is a hallucination by any means just that could it be that he interests with us through these sort of hallucinations or use that same sort of set up.

Again I understand that this is more for just speculation and passing time but was wondering if anyone has ever seen any work focused on teasing this out.


I have not seen any work on this - I guess it is very difficult or impossible to measure Holy Spirit. Just sharing my thinking (speculation) of this.

My impression is that the communication of the Holy Spirit is like He would ‘speak’ to our ‘spirit’ and our ‘spirit’ would then lift the communication to the conscious mind. Like our ‘spirit’ would be a pond where the Holy Spirit is pouring His message.

This kind of analogy would also explain why it is not always selfevident what is from the Lord and what comes from other sources. Like our ‘pond’ would be a place where also other sources may be pouring information. It may take some time to learn what is from the Lord and what is something else.

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What do you think is the spirit? Is it a biological thing or a supernatural thing that can’t be tested or is it a combination of both? Does it reside within our bodies? Is it in our brain? Is it the total sum of our mind and who we are?

I put it on the cessasionism list.Like many others this doesnt happen anymore.So in my opinion the Holy Spirit is not active in our life

My views on cessationism is not based on the absence of miracles through the laying on of hands but that it’s what I see scriptures showing. It’s just a plus that I also see zero evidence for it out in the world.

With the Holy Spirit being active in our lives that’s not my experience snd it’s also not something I drew a conclusion to through scripture. I believe scripture teaches the ongoing influence of the Holy Spirit in our lives snd it matches my personal experience.

But even if it did cease, knowing what we can from science snd faith how did the spirits message end up being received by a believer?

Part of the problem is there is no reason to think that God communicates with us in just one way. Most experience God in everyday events. So to look for a link I think you have to look to something much more fundamental. There is nothing more fundamental than quantum physics which has forced an acceptance on reluctant scientists that not all events are determined by pre-existing physical conditions. That leave the door wide open for both divine involvement and incompatibilist free will. This is NOT a gap approach because this is not a gap in what science hasn’t explored yet but rather the opposite, a gap which science itself has forced us to accept.

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I dont know ,but i guess it somehow did

The Holy Ghost is the spirit of a sound mind. The spirit of Christ in whom there is ‘YES!’ to expressing faith in love. Love being measured by making up need according to ones resources corporately.

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