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Hi all, haven’t been in here for a while - hope everyone’s doing well!

I thought this would be a good place to come to with a query. Does anyone know where I might find out how many professional scientists with Christian beliefs accept the scientific consensus regarding the age of the earth and common ancestry?

I’ve found the data for scientists in general (around 97%) but would love to find out the breakdown among Christians working in science.

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In looking around, I cannot find that exact question answered, but will search some more. One resource might be the American Scientific Affiliation, which is a great organization of Christians in science. It is worthwhile to join if so inclined. They welcome Christians of whatever belief regarding origins, but most seem to be of the EC variety.


A rough estimate from this PEW poll, shows about 33% of scientists are Christian, and about 8% by my rough estimate appear to be evangelical. If you assume most of the rest are EC, that would leave on average, maybe a third of the evangelical as EC, a third ID, and and third YEC. That would be my best guess.

However, it depends on how you define “professional scientist.” If you define it as one who is actively involved in current research, I think the percentage is going to be very high EC with a few ID. If you include people with degrees teaching at Bible colleges or employed by organizations that require a certain position as a requirement and not involved in active research, it will go the other way a bit.

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Thanks, Phil. I looked at the ASA and also the CSCA, and some organisations here in the UK where I am. Couldn’t find the answer anywhere.

Last week I was in a discussion with someone and was saying something like I thought ‘virtually all’ Christians working in the sciences accepted the scientific consensus on the two issues. That’s just my gut instinct, so I wanted some numbers to back it up or change what I say to reflect the truth. In all honesty, I reckon my instinct is correct!


According to this 97% of scientists believe that evolution occurred . If 1 out of 3 of scientists are Christians than you can follow that most likely the overwhelming majority of scientists who are Christians accept evolution. The ratio of EC versus ID is not clear but even among people who claim ID or claim EC you often see some confusion over where one starts and one ends.


In my limited experience, of the evangelical scientists and geologists I know, none are YEC.

Yes, I would expect that number to be very low among professionals, academic or otherwise.

No doubt that is the case. As I mentioned, it depends of your definition of scientist. If you include Bible college professors and employees of AIG etc. there are a few. If you add high school science teachers, there are a few more. If you include engineers, physicians, and dentists it jumps quite a bit. But, if you look at practicing geologists and research scientists, I am sure it approaches zero.

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Yes, that’s pretty much who I had in mind (including other fields too - biology, genetics etc)

Thanks all

I guess the proportion of Christian scientists being YEC or ID is lower outside USA than in US. In northernmost Europe, of scientists I know or have heard (mainly biologists but also others) only four are more or less openly YEC or ID, and they are relatively old (all but one retired). Only three have been active (given speeches and written books about creationism); one is a bioprocess engineer who worked in a technical university, another worked as a medical doctor and the third has worked as a professor of the theory and tradition of pedagogy (not very active but have held some speeches).

This isn’t really what you asked for, but I thought you might be interested.

I think there might be a bit of a feeding relationship between the fact that Christians who don’t accept the scientific consensus are not drawn to careers science.

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