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(Brad Kramer) #1

Did you know that BioLogos is the only major origins-focused organization to host, at their own expense, a place for people of all perspectives to discuss science and faith? In our culture, a conversation between a conservative Christian and a scientist sounds like the start of a bad joke. But here, it happens every day. These conversations aren’t easy, but they’re so very important. We’re introducing countless people to a new perspective on how Christian faith is enriched by modern science. Thanks to everyone here who contributes to gracious, insightful discussions about all things related to science and faith.

If you are a regular (or even occasional) contributor here on the Forum, I’d like to ask you to consider contributing financially as well. Hosting this Forum takes a lot of our resources. The Forum will always be a free and open place, but we depend on support from people like you to keep the lights on.

Today is Giving Tuesday (a new tradition in the line of Cyber Monday, Black Friday, and so on). If you’re thinking about donating today, please think of us. Our donation page can be found here:

(Phil) #5

I appreciate how the powers that be have avoided going to an advertiser funded page like so many. I sometimes look at the patheos page and it is almost unreadable due to number of ads, not to mention slow to load.