Has the NIH been communicating good science?

The quote in the report, that the Israeli study didn’t take into account the amount of time since vaccination, is a very valid one. The waning efficacy seems evident in both. I was struck by the rapidity of re infection in 2020 of some of those who had had Covid prior --3 months, easily.

A question I often get is “isn’t Covid infection better than the shot.” The misunderstanding appears to be that adding a shot would take away that immunity. It appears to be clear that a booster is a good idea, whether we’ve had the infection or a vaccine in the past.

I got my booster this past Wednesday. I had the next day as a study day only–did not get ill till that night, and that only lasted a few hours. I had the Moderna. We are looking forward to vaccinating our younger kids (our 13 year old has already had the vaccine). Thanks.


I had my Pfizer booster on Thursday. I felt moderately bad for about 18 hours – bad enough to take both ibuprofen and a nap, but nowhere near as bad as the flu.




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All quite reasonable. None of the vaccines was optimized for efficacy – they were optimized for rapid testing and delivery.


Phil, This Warwick Aiken. Over at the “Let Us Not Lose Heart About Vaccination.” thread, I was about to reply to your question about hydroxychloraquine and then let you know why I included the story on death in children in Britain, but found you had closed the forum. I came to this site because it purports to be a Christian site , and states “this is place for gracious dialogue about science and faith.” I put my opinion out there without any attempt to hide who I am, and did not expect to have my retirement newspaper article become part of the thread. I tried to keep my dialogue pleasant and sincere. I did not appreciate your snide comment about where I get my information, and then shut down further response. I forgive you, especially since it sounds as if you were frustrated, and your gracious dialogue slipped a little. Would you please give me a call or at least an email so we can talk about this?

Thank you for your concern, but I am good. I will private message you.

Sounds like emotional partisanship versus science.

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