Gravitational Waves, Einstein and God

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I found this article to be very interesting and it clarified for me again the relationship between Science and God. The facts are quite amazing! I hope you enjoy the article too.

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This is a very good article. Thank you for posting it.

It is very true that Einstein’s Theory means that the Big Bag is a true Beginni9ng of the universe. Newton said that time and space are absolute, which would mean that they would be eternal with God. Einstein said that time and space are relates to mass/energy, that if there is no mass/energy or physical universe, there is no time/space relational universe.

Thus God did not create matter and energy within time and space, God created mess/energy and time and space all at the same time, or as close to the same time as possible. Technically mass/energy came first and it created time and space.

This means that the universe did have a true beginning, that is there was a point when which time, space, matter, and energy began. This brings science into line with theology and the Bible. It of course means that in all likelihood the universe had a Creator since it could hardly create itself out of nothing, ex nihilo. Predictably some non-believers are trying to say that the universe did not have a Beginning and Einstein was not right.

Another important change Einstein’s Theory brought about was the end of absolutes. With the end of absolutes in Nature, logically comes the end of absolutes in philosophy. God has been seen by many as Absolute, even though the Bible depicts God as Relational, that is Love.

Therefore this scientific theory helps us to better understand the Biblical view of God as Relational as opposed to the Greek Absolute view. In this way theology is converging with science, rather than moving away from it. This means that thinkers on both disciplines need to adjust their views about Reality, which is not easy to do.

It means that we need to stop being so defensive and trust more in God to lead us in understanding the mysteries of God, life, and the universe. This means that those who resist the concept of the reality of God are on more pressure to change their minds.

We live in exciting times when our understanding of the universe is growing very quickly. We can bury our heads in the sand, or we can share this adventure that God has created for us to reveal God’s Power, Wisdom, and Love more fully to all humankind.

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Thanks Jana for posting this article. It is indeed, very interesting. But I think it misses the main points. The experimental findings are important as a capstone of proof for Einstein’s General Relativity Theory. If interpretations of the preliminary published results and comments are correct, the findings are important in proving that Einstein’s theory of gravitation is correct, rather than the alternative G4V.

Matt Briggs has written a fine post on this discovery and what it means philosophically in terms of knowing “cause”: “Gravitational Waves and Discovering Cause

I have a post also, about how this work fits into a general scheme for how science is done, the Scientific Programme of Imre Lakatos, and as a piece of the theology of scientific discovery. See (department, again, of shameless self-promotion)
“Peeling back the Onion Layers: Gravitational Waves Detected!”

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Thank you for the links Bob I will definitely go and read them. The "Gravitational Waves and Discovering Cause link especially looks interesting!

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I enjoyed the links you provided. I too plan to spend more time with philosophy of science articles when time (and energy) permits. I agree with you that one needs to practice science to fully appreciate the general nature of theories and experiment, and that would lead us to PoS studies/discussions.

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