Good books on why Christian’s might Home School?

Clearly some people don’t really know what they are talking about here. :wink:

I lived in Illinois where four years of PE was required at the high school level. It was a total waste of time and contributed very little to my physical fitness. I got far more valuable experiences playing volleyball at the park district and beach with my friends and running and biking the bike trails on my own. My kids are not missing out on anything because they miss public school PE. They get plenty of exercise on their own. They play team games at youth groups and camps. They play ultimate and spikeball and disc golf with their friends. It’s not like public school is the only place that offers physical activities or team comaraderie.


True. And you can get good at sports without public school PE or teams. (Not every sport, but certainly some.)

We are in the States on sabbatical for 6 months and we worked it out with the local public school for my daughter to run on the cross country team. Prior to now she has done all her own training and not competed. But just today she got 7th place in the district meet running varsity, so clearly her lack of training in public school PE class and lack of prior experience with public school sports have not hindered her development as an athlete. People should send their kids to public school or homeschool because it’s the best educational choice for their kids and family not because of “socialization.” There are many ways to be involved in social activities that do not depend at all on your schooling choice.


Somewhat tangential, but one of my grandfather’s friends (and his sister) in high-school usually did very well in cross country. I believe my grandfather said his friend was typically running 4:20 miles. This was due to a somewhat atypical off-season training: bear hunting. For bear hunting in the blue ridge, what you did was to have a group of dogs chase the bear, and the people find a road that the bear would cross. However, you needed one person to run with the dogs. That was my grandfather’s friend, followed by his younger sister. So from about October to February, they were long-distance running up and down mountains once a week.

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I can’t imagine what a physical education teacher (or major) feels upon reading this! Just because you find a subject useless and a waste of time doesn’t make it so. My church runs a superb boarding school for choir boys. They have a very demanding schedule, but learning team sports is a requirement.

I’m not saying physical fitness is useless. I work out daily. My kids get exercise. I’m saying my experience in Illinois public school PE classes was not particularly beneficial to me. Your insistence that public school provides these magical experiences so homeschooled children are obviously stunted and deprived because they miss out on them just reveals your bias against homeschooling. It isn’t describing a real problem.

Also, please note this thread is the homeschool forum and is for contributors supportive of homeschoolers. If you are not going to be supportive of homeschooling here, don’t post.

I never accused you of saying physical fitness is useless. You did say that your four years of PE required at the high school level was a total waste of time.

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