God creating humanity "in His image" versus "for His image"

Hi Phil and readers .

with all the mistranslations during countless translations of the bible ,how would Genesis 1-26-27 , change how God created, by way of mans evolution IF …instead of God created man in his image IT said God created man FOR his image ?

It would become highly ambiguous? I’m struggling to see what that would mean in English. Do you have any particular reason for suggesting that wording?

“For his image” would mean that God could claim bragging rights for creating humanity. On the whole, I don’t think I would be proud of most of what most humans do.
I have always interpreted imagio dei as meaning that humans have godlike power over their local environment, not that we look like God.

I think the Roman Catholic Church has a consistent vision on how to handle this topic. They have evolution producing the biological and physical being that is a human. On the flip side, they God giving humans their souls (i.e. image of God) as part of the greater Mystery. The physical nature of humanity is based on facts and science while the Image of God is based in faith and Mystery.

This view is also somewhat like Gould’s “Non-overlapping Magisteria”. This type of argument has its strengths and weakness, but overall it provides a modern viewpoint that would seem to offer the least amount of tension between science and faith.

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