God as a stimulus for learning/science

I often see atheists arguing that religion is based on blind faith, not facts. I have seen this argument be levied against Conservative Commentator Ben Shapiro (let’s not get into a political discussion), who has a ‘Facts don’t care about your feelings’ approach, yet believes in God. My response is twofold:

1- It is belief in a creative being behind the mind that allows us to verify facts in the first place. If our mind does not have a transcendent source, then our rationality cannot be trusted and science is futile, because it is the result of mere unguided processes.

2- (And this is my main argument) God can act as a stimulus for scientific and historical learning, in order to discover more about the nature of God, both through natural theology, and through the Bible’s ancient context. I’m not saying learning is impossible without God (in this argument), but God can benefit learning, and I, as a person who loves to learn, find little stimulus to do it without God.

This helps to reconcile some of the conflict between faith and science, and show that they are compatible and benefit each other.

Michael Faraday use to say the same thing,“a seem less hole” .

I, myself do not want intelligent design to be taught in schools. What I want is to stop teaching evolution as fact, and to to be honest with its shortcomings.

It’s funny that secularists say that we use faith when they themselves also use faith. They live and practice science believing “uniformity in nature”, that we can predict the future by looking at the past (all things stay the same). But in a world where things are constantly in flux through random processes. Uniformity in nature requires a lot of faith.

You might want to edit that to read: “a seamless whole”, lest you invite confused speculations!

My bad…spell checker. Thanks :blush:

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