Globe Believer Shoot Himself in the Foot

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John, the author of YouTube video titled 20 Questions Flat Earther’s Can’t Answer shot himself In the foot.

The 20 questions and answers of the author were invalided not by flat earthers but by the author himself… no flat earthers were needed.

The author of this video logically and correctly demands that a BELIEF system with no conclusive scientific proof (religion) and based upon FAITH only cannot be invoked when answering the questions.

One question answered incorrectly invalidates the viewpoint and conclusions of the person answering the question and all other questions.

When answering one of the questions the author violated one of his own rules therefore not only are all of his answers thrown-out but also his entire line of questioning is negated.


The author invoked his BELIEF and FAITH in the quantum electron THEORY (QET) (totally unproven via standard scientific methods) for one his answers therefore he shot himself in the foot with no aid from a flat earther. If the QET were conclusively proven the reference would then be the Quantum Electron LAW.

John’s inflated ego and globe are reduced to a flat pancake by his own admission that he believes and has faith in the QET.

All the flat earthers and others on the fence about this controversial topic have to do is simply invoke sophomoric observation and thinking to expose the worthless, futile and fantasy efforts of this want-to-be know-it-all.

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(Mitchell W McKain) #3

The premise of this challenge is bogus. The use of faith is not the difference between science and religion. The epistemological superiority of science is founded on the honesty of the scientific method and the objectivity derived from the fact that its written procedures can be followed by anyone no matter what their beliefs to get the same results.


That is not what theory and law mean. A theory is an explanation for what has been observed. It is never “proven”. It is just the best explanation. A law is the mathematical equations that can result from a theory. Again they are not “proven”. If new observations or experiments don’t match the predictions from a theory or law then at some point changes may have to be made. As was the case with the observations that didn’t match Newton’s laws and where corrected with Einstein’s new theory.

@spiral52 And if you believe in a flat earth you have my sympathy.

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I think that @spiral52’s post was supposed to be some sort of parody …

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I doubt it was meant to be parody, since it was posted just after he joined the forum. If this is the same Brian David Andersen that you can find here, then you can bet he’s serious. Further discussion of his claims seems irresponsible to me.

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It is telling when you can’t be sure…

(Brian David Andersen) #8

Both a theory and religion require belief and faith because there are no conclusive scientific proofs by the persons who follow the religious text or observe the event and formulate a hypothesis. John required that only statements with scientific proof be invoked and he violated his own rules. Please do not insult the intelligence of the common human by stating that a theory somehow is BETTER or has higher value and status than a religious belief because neither has conclusive scientific proof.

Also your statement about Newton and Einstein omits one very important historic fact. Einstein did not create his relativity theory to correct Newton but to fabricate a math formula in an attempt to negate the Michelson Morley experiment that is best explained here From my viewpoint Einstein failed to disprove the ME experiment. But of course you probably BELIEVE Einstein succeeded. Notice how the condition of belief keeps popping up.

Your viewpoint that Earth is a globe is a belief. Flat Earther’s viewpoint is also a belief. Why? Because there are no conclusive scientific evidences to prove either belief. Yes you are in the same boat as the flat earther no matter how intense your cognitive dissonance.

The most logical way to prove Earth is a globe or flat is to create an independent program with two goals -

  1. Attempt to deploy numerous cameras from 100,000 to one million miles above Earth and return those cameras to an independent panel of scientists and civilians. The military and NASA nor any other national space program are involved but only people from small independent colleges and organizations (globe and flat earthers) around the world. The panel and general public will view the lift off, travel and Earth pictures for the first time simultaneously. If the rockets are destroyed by a protective dome then the goal is achieved and step two is no necessary. I do hope the rockets can penetrate space but I will not be surprised if they do not.

  2. Deploy ground and air vessels with cameras to the edge or center of the South pole. The panel and general public will view the take-off and travel pictures for the first time simultaneously.

Until those tasks are completed both you and I and all other humans in this realm are completely stuck in a BELIEF whether our faith is based upon a religion or a theory.

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I also take on the Kennedy incident on Elm Street at Once you watch the video at the top of the homepage you either are in state of intense cognitive dissonance or experience a paradigm shift.

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Giving a platform to outlandish and ridiculous ideas that make a mockery of science and reason is counter to the purposes of the BioLogos Forum. @spiral52 it is clear you are not here with actual questions or sincere inquiries. We aren’t going to waste time arguing against inane conspiracy theories. Go find your fun elsewhere.