Getting a chance: What would you say to a grad student ministry with 300 national staff?

Bridges International is a friendship-based ministry to international students at 120 campuses in America. 300 staff

One staff told me basically the ministry gives no training about how to answer science questions grad students eagerly ask

Called the Bridges national office in Austin. Have a shot to write a national director.

What do you suggest I tell him? All they have done is have one ID guy speak at their conferences. No YEC, no EC.

They should definitely check out Jackson Wu’s blog.

This is a great organization for resources in Chinese:

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This looks like an ID supporting website. Any thoughts to add? I assume it is hostile to EC

Some of it yes. One of the professors who contributes presented at the BioLogos conference in in 2016, so I don’t think it is all hostile to EC. Even some of the ID-leaning resources counter the narrative that Christianity has to be YEC/anti-science.

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