Genomic Research to cure cancer

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AIG is once again discrediting genomic research to promote their literal read of Genesis. I think AIG is dishonest and harmful to society with articles like this:


Cancer really does involve mutations. But Merv told me that God used tumors to teach lessons to people. I saw a pet bird the other day that had a large mass that had become infected. It stunk like all unholy hell. Not sure what the lesson was there.

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This is probably off topic, but…

Speaking from personal experience, I’ve known a friend who was diagnosed with a terminal disease. The doctors gave her less than a year. She ended up switching to a raw vegan diet, overcame her disease, and is now more healthy than the average person.

That was several years ago that that happened. So much for being terminal.


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I am happy to hear about your friend. I wish her continued good health.
It is important to realize that when a doctor gives a diagnosis, the doctor is looking at the data (the test results) and making a determination of what disease/condition a person has. The diagnosis is not exact. It is usually pretty close to what the data shows at the time, but only tentative until more test data comes in as the disease progresses. The doctor will then give a prognosis. This is clearly just a prediction based on the past experiences of others in the past. It is really a probability of outcomes. It is not a certainty. That is where up-to-date science comes in. Does the doctor have the up-to-the-minute data on what is the best courses of action? If the doctor has this information and the patient follows it the chances for better results than in the past increases. This is how medical science advances, in small individual steps that we all can benefit. In the case of your friend, her actions will be documented and tracked. And then collected for a whole group of people to determine what works and what doesn’t. So her trail blazing helps both herself and others . That provides great purpose and meaning for both her, her doctor and others.


Spontaneous remissions in cancer sometimes happen, but that is a rare occurrence.

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