Genesis, Paradise Lost: A Tale of False Dichotomies and Missing Voices

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Good catch. The ـظ dropped out when I attempted to add an exclamation point to the word; must’ve accidentally highlighted it as I typed the exclamation point. (Typing right-to-left languages and attempting to add punctuation on the computer isn’t easy. It kept adding it to the beginning of the sentence instead of the end.)

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Wow. Arabic script in 2 folks! Amazing; good for you guys. I can only write in our script, but we would say “salama alaikum” in Hausa from Niger–close enough to Arabic… (there were those who wrote in Arabic script and Tamajaq, but I didn’t pick much up). I appreciate the comment on Mere Christianity.

(Randy) #23

Mr Beidler, Did you present it in a public school this way? You were brave. I admire that. I was in Pensacola Christian Correspondence School till 9th grade, and only then did I get exposure to evolutionary thought through a secular correspondence school while I lived in Niger . I didn’t have to talk in public. I admire the independent thinking–either way, although I now do accept evolutionary creationism.

(Mike Beidler) #24

Yes, Randy, I presented it in a public school setting. Of course, in the early 80s, in mid-Michigan, such a stance wasn’t all that controversial, especially if presented by a 6th grader. :wink:

Spent nearly 5 years living in Pensacola as both a flight school student and a flight instructor. Those were the days of my strong YECism. Big fan of Kent “Dr. Dinosaur” Hovind back in the day.

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Even the demons believe and tremble. James 2:19 – But they will never confess Jesus as Lord.

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Jesus is Lord, Brother. But can you clarify what post you are alluding to? Thanks

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Boyd points out that belief alone isn’t that important to God–why would he value someone who forgets the intellect God gave him, or is ignorant of the world around him, just to believe in a given thing?

I’m new here.

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Great point! Welcome. Yes, I have seen your other good posts. I look forward to your interactions.