Genes, Determinism and God

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Contemporary biology and Christian theology agree: We are more than our genes.
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in the early noughties

Either a typo or Freudian slip. It sounds like a great book, but why have only one article posted in the dog days of summer no less.

These are most important issues of interrelatedness which are basic to ecology, but normally get short shrift in evolution as Denis indicates. These are the ideas where theology and science intersect and will determine the future.

Please do more to promote this discussion.

Thank you, Denis. If I had the money, I would buy the book.

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Thanks Denis, I’ll certainly read your book and believe bioethics is in need of this perspective. I observe infinite discussion on “informed consent” while human dignity and life is appallingly disregarded. Something is out of whack.

Jim, as to Gifford lectures, I’d also recommend Herbert Butterfield’s Origins of History which goes a good way in describing the cultural expectations one brings to the reading of say Genesis.

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Actually, this is the British spelling for “naughts”, or the years 2000-2009.

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Yep, read that during graduate school.

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Thank you for the information. Live and learn.

While searching the web I came across the web site of the ESS, which seems to me close to what Denis is saying here. The science of evolution is on the move and I do not see where BioLogos is moving with it because it is moving in the right direction, although there are always many who are reluctant to follow.

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This is a “both-and” book. Those who prefer confrontational “either-or” discourse should look elsewhere.

This is an interesting statement, because it is basically philosophical rather than scientific Denis finds a “both and” relational point of view preferable to the “either or” Western dualistic one.

Sadly this excerpt does not allow us to see how this works out scientifically. This may be a good way to sell books, but I expect better of BioLogos. .