From Tim to Mazrocon

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Hello again everyone.

@Eddie @beaglelady @gbrooks9 @Patrick @Christy

(If I forgot anyone, my apologies … Just letting those know whom I frequently communicate with)

I changed my name here, from Tim to Mazrocon. Not trying to hide my identity … But for personal reasons I don’t wanna use my full name, lest a friend or family, by some chance, make an account on this site…


(Marvin Adams) #2

I would not worry about friends of family as they are subject to reason. The problem tends to be your employers, particularly if they are subject to shareholders and pubilic policies. With that they tend to become subject to political correctness which is were reason goes out of the window as it is not about truth but about popularity

(Mazrocon) #3

Hey Marvin.

I’m not sure if you know the reasons or not (as I haven’t really stated the reasons) for why I’m no longer using my full name.

But I’ll just put it out there. Many of my friends and family are largely conservative. If whatever reason they joined this site, and found out that I’ve been posting frequently on such a site as BioLogos, then it would just be awkward for me.

That may or may not seem shallow … But it’s how it is.


(Marvin Adams) #4

it is not shallow at all it is very honest to say but it is easier to face up to individuals if it comes to it then to a committee . Having thankfully grown up a lutheran I have never experienced such contraints. Good luck anyhow but whatever happens we can rest assured that the outcome will be logic.

(Christy Hemphill) #5

I don’t think it’s shallow at all. But I do want to know the story behind the name Mazrocon. :sunglasses:

(Mazrocon) #6


Unfortunately, you might be disappointed. Mazrocon is a psuedoname I came up with years ago when I had a weird imagination and liked to come up with off the wall names. It stuck ever since, but other than that, I can’t explain where it came from. :stuck_out_tongue:


(Christy Hemphill) #7

Well, it definitely has a ring to it and maybe when you get to item number 642 of the things you’re researching at the moment, you could take a sabbatical and work on a good backstory for your superhero/alien/secret agent mastermind/Zoolander arch-enemy/vigilante-for-hire (the possibilities are so endless) alter-ego.

(Mazrocon) #8

Hahaha … Well I never considered it an alter-ego but I guess you’re right.

Perhaps my real name is Clark Kent :wink:

(Patrick ) #9

That’s funny. I thought Mazrocon was some Biblical name for someone that I never heard of. :grinning:

(Mazrocon) #10


No Mazrocon that I’ve heard of. Just an odd spurt of imagination … I’ve heard from some that it looks like “macaroon”, which is a bit funny.

But that’s okay, I like coconut :smiley:


(Roger A. Sawtelle) #11


Welcome, Mazrocon!

and Happy Thanksgiving.

(Mazrocon) #12

Thanks Roger!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving too!


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