From Smallpox to Today: The Science of Vaccination

Immunology and biology professor @Gordonbioprof tells us a little bit about the first vaccine, and how they “work” today. This article is meant to serve as an overview, as an introduction for future discussion.


Thanks. I especially appreciate the explanation of herd immunity, and how vaccines don’t primarily protect those vaccinated alone, but the weaker among us.

One primary reason for refusal of vaccines has been 'But I never get sick–and if I do, I’m over it quickly." That’s not the point–as this puts very clearly. I think that when people understand it’s altruistic, they will be more willing to help others by taking the shot.


From one teacher to another, thanks for chunking this article to make it easier to understand. Loved this article and I learned more about vaccines.


I’m very glad you enjoyed the article @LoriS It was fun to write and I always love talking about vaccines!


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