Francis Collins Responds to COVID Vaccine Skeptic

The Clergy Letter Project is an organization that was founded to show that numerous clergy from a variety of denominations have embraced evolutionary theory and find it harmonious with their religious faith. It is perhaps surprising, then, that Michael Zimmerman, the Founder and Executive Director of the The Clergy Letter Project, has written an article titled, Why I’ll not be Taking a Covid-19 Vaccine — and I’m a Scientist.

Zimmerman had the class and integrity to alert Francis Collins — BioLogos Founder and current Director of the National Institutes of Health — to the article. Francis replied to Zimmerman and both men gave us permission to publish his letter.


From Zimmerman’s article:

It is worth noting that thalidomide was not approved by the FDA because they felt it wasn’t safe. The FDA saved a lot of Americans.

Back to Zimmerman:

Did Zimmerman use the scientific method to determine if the CDC and FDA are making bad decisions? I doubt it. I would suggest that Zimmerman use the very scientific method he is championing. Papers from phase I/II trials are already out if Zimmerman is interested.

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