For how long we need to endure?

There is so evil in this world that everyone has seen and face it . My life is a building who got build upon struggle. So my question is.For how long yet? How long we as humanity need to endure. Till the second coming? And why doesnt God make it happen already?. Thanks and God bless

Dear Nick,
I am sorry to hear of your struggles. One the major failings of the YEC is that they have created the expectation that you have posted. Many people have anxiously awaiting the second coming, looking for signs in Revelations for the end. I think is quite harmful for humanity to hold this expectation.

If God waited 13.8 billion years to send His only Son, I expect Him to wait until the end of the world for the second coming, in +3 billion years. Christianity has not had chance to spread in the mere 2,000 years since Jesus death, let alone that societies have not yet evolved to hold Jesus’ core values. You would be much better served in believing in God’s wisdom than in expecting Him to end our misery.
Best Wishes, Shawn

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I assume you are at least Postmillennial in you’re thinking? I have gotten rid of the evangelical type of thinking of the end such as Premillennialism which hopes for a get out of jail card as things spiral out of control and have adopted what I call an “Optimistic Amillennialism, just short of Postmillennialism.” I do expect the Gospel to reach the world as a whole so that all peoples of every nation, tribe, tongue and culture will hear the Gospel and God will have a people for Himself of every time and culture but I don’t agree with the Postmillennial sense of the whole world submitting to the Gospel. I also believe that the Christian message will lead to improvement in human society somewhat before the return of Christ.

Really that is an honest question that I ask myself a lot, again, I believe that God is giving time for a good portion of humanity to repent and seek Him and also Jesus said He wouldn’t return until the Gospel is preached Luke 24:47, Matthew 28:19-20, Revelation 5:9-10.

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As the Bible says that no one knows this topic becomes slightly academic. The question might be, whether, in real terms, the second coming would be any better? That may sound a little strange coming from a Christian but…

When Christ returns, and God becomes indisputable, the world as we know it will cease. IF the prophecies about the Holy mountain are at all accurate then death will be no more which rather mucks up the current ecosystem. Let alone all the debate about how God must act if He is visible and known.

The net result of all this is: We behave as if Christ will come any second, but only inasmuch as we try our best to live this life to the best it can be. Dwelling on the future means ignoring the present. It will happen when it does, and we maybe long gone, or we may be around to witness it. Even the nature of Heaven or Hell is uncertain at best, so perhaps we should not spend too long “worrying” about them. Trust God and get on with living. It my be difficult now but who knows what tomorrow might bring?



We certainly know i think that it wont get any better. I was convinced before that the second coming would be a “literal” coming but after reading a few good arguments i realized that the mark of the beast is not literally. Im not sure about the antichrist and all that. Some say will be literal. Some even say that the second coming had happened which i dont know how they made that out of. Anyway God bless

I am sorry but it is not that simple. In truth we don’t know much at all. And anyone who tries to convince you otherwise is going beyond Scripture. Revelation is the most difficult yet often quoted book of the whole bible. Whole cults have grown out of people trying to fathom it and convincing themselves and others that they have succeeded.
As for it not getting any better? Compare to day with say WWII or even the era of the Cold War. It is all relative.
There is a saying along the lines of "It is as good as you think it is". IOW your own perceptions govern what you see. Half full or half empty? I tend to err towards the positive.


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Well if i ever get cured i might see the world better. But since then yeah its not that wonderful. I do think though that part of revelation is sumbolic .

You (and all of us in our own due times and seasons) are asking the hard questions of psalmists up and down the ages, and certainly among the Psalms themselves. It’s hard for those of us not currently suffering as you are to offer up any answers or solutions that aren’t just meaningless, or even wrong offerings - much like what Job’s friends had to offer him.

It may be that the best one can do is silently just be with another friend in their hard time. I realize that’s impossible to do online. But we can at least let you know we’re here, and thinking about you and praying for you, as others have done for me during hard times. May you be granted relief from such oppressive depression.


I just basically saw a video on youtube with a guy called special books by special kids. My second question is this. Why doesnt God preventing this ? I mean preventing genetic abnormalities? They (suffering) is much greater than mine and i cant think of them beign perished. I believe that all will go to Heaven who suffer even though they never heard of God(maybe)

Im not asking why God is allowing evil things to happen. Im just asking that God can determine how we are born yet there are still genetic disorders

It is only due to God’s mercy and grace and his patience and love through the work of Christ, wanting to adopt more into his family, that the earth was not a cinder long ago.

Because of the LORD’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail.

We need to keep our attention fixed on Jesus and the goodness that is still all around us and not be distracted by the evil. It is a continuous choice that we make, and I urge you to choose the good. There was plenty of evil in Paul’s day, too. (Was he in prison when he wrote this?):

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.

How can you fix your eyes to God with such evil? If you want to ignore evil then thats fine but never in the bible says that looking on good while ignoring evil is the solution i think. God bless sir (sorry for if sounded rude wasnt my intention)

I didn’t say ignore the evil, but God wants us, no, commands us, to have himself and Jesus as the center of our lives. Are we honoring him if we focus on the evil? Aren’t we telling him implicitly that he is not good enough or not powerful enough?

Not really . He cant change manmade evil(because of the free will he gave us i know that). But he can change another things which sometimes does but why doesnt always? That was my second question a little bit changed

Aren’t you really demanding that he change things?

Jesus gave thanks for the bread, a very little thing in the overall scheme of things, right before he knew he was going be tortured. It does take conscious effort on our parts, though. Start by being thankful for little things.

That’s where the title of One Thousand Gifts came from – she started making a list of every little thing she could be thankful for, gifts from God. Be thankful that you can see, that you can see the golden color of grated cheese in the sunlight (an example from the book).

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Yes i can see that
Some from the other hand cannot. And i just ask that why doesnt God change that since its not a manmade thing. And im not demanding something (i dont know where you got that from)i just asked a question.

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It just seems like you are letting the shadow of evil supersede the brightness of the goodness of God. And that isn’t that a choice, choosing what you are focused on and what you are giving the most attention to?

Maybe that’s what “sacrifice of praise” means, to deliberately sacrifice our natural tendency to allow our minds to go where they should not and to return to where they should be. The temptation could be lust or covetousness, or amplifying the evil disproportionately to God’s goodness.

Through Jesus, therefore, let us continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise–the fruit of lips that openly profess his name.

Continually. Offer. If we’re not, we are being disobedient (and I’m indicting myself here, too!).

There are two basic answers. The most common “Christian” response is a bit callous IMO. Basically that it is due to man’s sin and corruption of God’s creation.

The slightly less doctrinal, but more realistic is that God made the Heavens and the Earth as a working unit and does not, out of habit, “tinker” with it. Genetic disorders are part of the ongoing “Evolution” built into creation. And many of them are not beneficial but not terminal either. As our medical knowledge increases we can compensate ourselves but there is still much beyond our capabilities. Just as He does not stop people being killed by Tsunami, or earthquake, flood or even animals, so microbes and genetic disorders will take their toll. Part of the “gift” of freedom is the freedom to suffer or die. As soon as God starts “interfering” where does He stop? (And would too much interference reveal Himself?)
I am sorry if this still seems a little callous. However I have seen God “interfere” due to prayer and Jesus Himself encouraged such action.
At the end of the day we are in serious danger of “Putting God on Trial”.


So lets say if commit suicide today its because i have this freedom. But people getting killed by natural disasters or disorders kinda doesn’t. I understand God creating earth as a unit . So it comes down to original sin . But dont we EC( evolutionary christians) believe that the original sin was a spiritual one ?(meaning that the death that God spoke of was spiritual) and not physical as well?

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