Examining the Life of Jesus

How old was Jesus when he found out He was the son of God? I find it rather curious that Jesus only started proselytising after spending 40 days in the desert at the age of 30.

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This is the most informative book i have ever read about the life of Jesus. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0191JZX3O/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_t1_Hf-2CbQ186KRE

It explains how slowly He was told of His mission and when His real identity was revealed.
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@Neill, welcome! Good question. I’m sure there are lots of conjectures here, though we don’t fully understand what that nature might be. Did he know this from before the beginning of the world, and just didn’t talk about it? Was he really incontinent, or feel the need for comforting from fears–“Little Lord Jesus no crying He makes”? --as the song says. Thomas Jay Oord posits, I guess, that even God the Father opts not to know things ahead of time; so is there an application here, potentially?

It also bears on what “son of God” and “son of Man” really means, and what our own perceptions are of them. Fully of God’s nature? Fully of His power? Or is it adoptive, or as much as the Word of God is as a representative of God, full of the limitations of a human body? The question is relevant, as His limitations bear with us in our burdens (he was tempted in all ways as we are, yet without sin) by His empathy.

Maybe you can tell us a bit about yourself, sometime. I’m an adult “missionary kid” born in Nigeria, West Africa; and grew up in Niger; but currently I live in West Michigan. I became interested in Biologos as a safe place to learn about and discuss science and faith, where people could accept honest questions.
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Just knowing the age at which He came to the realization He was the Son of God would suffice.

Can you give us some idea of your background? My guess is you are from a non-divine point of view on Jesus?

Welcome to the forum! That is an interesting question. Our sermon last Sunday was on the time Jesus was left behind in Jerusalem at age twelve, with the implication that he was aware at that time. You can read that into it but the text doesn’t really say it. It then states he grew in wisdom and stature, which indicates Jesus had the normal physical and mental limitations associated with being human, but which also is not directly related to his divinity. Some denominations feel that the Spirit descending on him at the time of his baptism is a significant marker for what you are asking, but again, support is thin
I do not think you will find a definitive answer. I would say it really is not important, but am curious as to your thoughts.


He may of had a vague understanding of who He was and good old mother Mary probably told Him many times that He was an important person for an important mission, He fully realized who He was at His baptism in the Jordan and when the Spirit fell upon.

Pushing the boundary of being self aware is a few years after birth, but what is the cause of being capable of holding memories may be more of a mystery than being self aware. There is a claim of awareness in the womb, when it comes to Jesus and the birth of John his cousin. It is not out of the question, if Jesus always knew, at least when the physical body’s brain allowed the ability to experience that thought.

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