Evolutionary Creationists Apologetics

First of all, our job is not to convert non-believers. If we can respond to objections that people have concerning belief from a scientific view, we can share our understanding, based on our scientific understanding. If they say that life has no meaning or purpose, then I would respond that ecology indicates otherwise.

Second, part of our task is to stand up for our faith in Jesus Christ, the Logos where and when appropriate. Ecology allows us to witness both non-believers and YEC who do not know about the Logos.

Third, we have a responsibility not just to accept “scientific facts” uncritically, but to make sure they meet all of the appropriate scientific standards. Survival of the fittest has not.

Fourth, we need to understand that this is not a scientific issue, but a theological/ philosophical issue and criticize YEC, ID, and Darwinism for their failures in this area.

One thing that I was thinking though is that it’s not bad to have apologetics who are evolutionary creationist. The science part does not matter so much about faith, but we need disciples who are evolutionary creationist to help reach out to the literalist and help curb the damage they are causing by teaching them and also by protecting the next generation from them. But we also need those same disciples to combat atheism to show that atheism is not a byproduct of intellectualism or science.

There are groups/organizations of Christians and scientists who discuss science and faith. The scientists are often distinguished in their field and knowledgeable on theology. I am particularly interested in quantum science, chemistry and maths that bring us to discuss the energies of God that sustain the creation.

While I do not question the intent of EC, they are imo venturing into an extremely complicated are with simplistic notions (esp theological) and can add to the confusion from YEC groups.

I just don’t see it that way. A evolutionary creationist is simply a Christian that believes in science. It’s the same science as what atheists believe in. The atheists understanding of biology, including evolution, is no different from a Christian who also believes in evolution.

For theology there is nothing simple or complex about it. It depends on the individual. The theology is still just as diverse. Such as it with the churches of Christ. Many in here, if not most, disagrees with me theologically in here about major things. We disagree on what is salvation, who is saved, and ect… I’m also a annihilationist , someone who believes in conditional immortality, and believes that the lost are destroyed in hell , both body and soul, as opposed to being tortured for all eternity. I believe that hell is not an actual place, but a symbolic image for the second death which is the most coming face to face with God and he destroys them. I’m a cessationist. So I don’t believe in miracles existing anymore. I think they ceased with the dying of the apostles. I’m heavily leaning towards preterism and I believe that Satan is already dead along with every other fallen angel.

I’m not going to discuss those things on this thread but will maybe do so on another. It’s to show that the theology is not simple for me. When I’m carrying out the great commission, and explaining why genesis 1-11 is a mythological historical fiction I don’t just say it’s fake and move on. I go through why I believe that. I focus on the literary style, the contextual clues and ect… and additionally the discussion does not end there. I take it all towards Christ. I show how the flood narrative sets up the patterns for future events. The flood is the water wiping away the unrighteous leaving behind just the righteous saved by god through his ark. That plays into the Israelites being saved through the Red Sea. The righteous Israelites lass through it and the water wipers away the unrighteous Egyptians. That bleeds into the theology of baptism easily. Acts 2:38.

Or if I’m taking about being our brothers keeper and we are discussing Cain and Abel I show how Cain’s name directly means spear, not just acquiring, and how Abel’s mean vapor because just like mist it’s quickly gone and even focus on the exact phrase of him killing Abel and how it shows up only two more times in scripture , both about a man murdered by a spear. Or if it’s about being a good steward of the land and why was the fruit of the ground different from the fruit of the trees and ect… the theology for me is far from overly simplistic and dismissive.

I don’t think we are adding confusion for YEC. The confusion is directly related to the YEC. EC causes contention with YEC. It begins to dismantle it causing those truly sealing to deconstruct their ideas. The fact is that because of YEC more and more young Christians in college abandon their faith because they believe the choice is science versus God when in reality it’s science verses one unscientific wrong interpretation of a few chapters. I see how those who believe in YEC routinely tear into younger Christians accusing them of doubting God because of their questions about evolution and ect…

So I believe Christians who study the word and believe in science are needed to accurately preach the great commission for the lost and deceived. I don’t think that disciples who believe in YEC is evil. But I believe the theology involved is by its implications.

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