Evolution and the Christian: Is Evolution a Purposeless Mechanism?

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Hi @DennisVenema ,

I agree with you that God could use an actual stochastic process to achieve his purposes. So theologically speaking, I have no problem with your point of view. However, it just doesn’t look to me like God has always used such a process, but has instead, at least on occasion, loaded the dice.

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Question doesn’t compute! The English language seems to confuse, “intent,” “purpose,” and “use.” I propose that only sentient beings can have an intent. “Purpose” can mean “design” or “purpose.”

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We have to examine what is Evolution. Evolution is a theory proposed to explain the nature of animals and their progression outside the supernatural realm. If this is so, then why should God use this process>?

(Matthew Pevarnik) #5

I concur. I also reject hurricane model predictions for the same reason.

(A.M. Wolfe) #6

You forgot to use your sarcasm font, my friend… :slight_smile:

(Bill Wald) #7

Been thinking about this sort of question for 60 years and have concluded that God is “totally other” and is beyond human understanding e.g. “God’s ways are higher than our ways and God’s thoughts higher than our thoughts.” It’s in the bible someplace.

Jesus, him we have a chance of understanding. I think his sayings are a Hebrew form of koan.

(Madd Scientist) #8

tHEISTIC EVOLUTION as proposed by Hugh Ross is totally flawed and thus be rejected

(Christy Hemphill) #9

Since when has Hugh Ross become a theistic evolution proponent?

(Matthew Pevarnik) #10

Do you have any sources that reference what you are talking about? I’m pretty sure that Reasons to Believe rejects anything related to evolution as well as theistic evolution by extension. Here is a list from their website of everything tagged ‘theistic evolution:’