Evolution and the Christian: Is Evolution a Purposeless Mechanism?

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Hi @DennisVenema ,

I agree with you that God could use an actual stochastic process to achieve his purposes. So theologically speaking, I have no problem with your point of view. However, it just doesn’t look to me like God has always used such a process, but has instead, at least on occasion, loaded the dice.

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Question doesn’t compute! The English language seems to confuse, “intent,” “purpose,” and “use.” I propose that only sentient beings can have an intent. “Purpose” can mean “design” or “purpose.”

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We have to examine what is Evolution. Evolution is a theory proposed to explain the nature of animals and their progression outside the supernatural realm. If this is so, then why should God use this process>?

(Matthew Pevarnik) #5

I concur. I also reject hurricane model predictions for the same reason.

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You forgot to use your sarcasm font, my friend… :slight_smile: