Evolution and Christian Faith: Seventy-Five Years of Conversation in the American Scientific Affiliation (Part 2)

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The ASA embraced mainstream science early in its history, even as it maintained a high view of biblical authority.
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Richard Bube did not become editor of the Journal until 1969. I erroneously wrote that he became editor in 1963. His article on inerrancy was prior to his taking over as editor. However, in his first issue as editor in 1969 he published Paul Seely’s article “The Three Storied Universe” http://www.asa3.org/ASA/PSCF/1969/JASA3-69Seely.html

Seely’s paper provided a specific example of Bube’s view of inspiration and inerrancy.

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Good catch, Terry, we’ll fix the error and reword a couple of sentences for accuracy and clarity.