Evangelical Christians in the USA: A German Documentary

DW is a German public broadcast service. This is a documentary they produced about evangelicalism in the USA. At times they compare religious statistics here with those in Germany, which is interesting. The film is pretty even-handed, and is shocking in places. They understandably concentrate on the Bible Belt, but they could have found less extremism had they looked elsewhere–there are more moderate Evangelical churches on the East Coast and probably on the West Coast also. Enjoy!

Evangelical Christians in the USA | DW Documentary

As a kind of personal connection…

In the physics department of the University of Utah I worked with a post-doc originally from South Africa who eventually moved to Germany. He has been keeping in touch. While he was here I brought him to my church once and it was evangelical church of the Calvary Chapel variety. Once when he called from Germany he asked about the kind of churches who made their roofs open up in anticipation of the rapture. I said the one I brought him to was fairly similar. Though of course He knew I never supported creationism.

I guess the point is that those in Germany are struggling to understand American Christianity and its more irrational extremes. And yes it is human nature that we don’t always realize the full diversity involved, getting a little snake fascinated by the worst examples.


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