Escaping Earth: To Love It, or Leave It?

With Earth Day approaching and thoughts of creation care, what are recent efforts of space exploration suggesting to us as society and what our options are for caring for the creation we’ve been given?

Pardy pooper a.k.a. stage English villain here. I’m not aware of any recent efforts or any at all ever really. Beyond propaganda missions. Or any that can ever be made. Beyond better interstellar telescopy and remotely controlled probes. It’s Earth or bust. And bust. Nothing can stop it becoming a drowning desert. No escape.

Some might say and have been saying that the biggest problem for the Earth is too many people and so your two options would best go together: love the Earth by leaving it. This is however terribly unrealistic. There will never be a way to move a significant portion of the population off the earth (i.e. into space) especially not in an environmentally friendly way.

I would disagree with Klax about a drowning desert however. I don’t think the Earth is that fragile. The real danger I see is to human civilization. I love that new “Day the Earth stood Still” movie with Keanu Reeves but it doesn’t really make sense to me. The idea of saving the Earth by wiping out human kind is just nonsense. Just wait a little bit and humans will take themselves (most of them) out of the equation and the Earth will go on. Either that or as the movie suggests, “at the precipice we find the will to change.”

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