Ecological ethics in the Ancient Near East

An essay which I wrote, excerpted from my recent BA dissertation. Deals with some stuff regarding Christianity and creation care, so thought I should share it here.


Very interesting article; I had no idea that beavers even lived there!

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Enjoyed the article. It would be interesting to see an auroch!

Note that White’s essay cites no references.

The Old Testament is exceptional relative to surrounding cultures in not glorifying hunting - it’s a legitimate way to get food, but killing animals as “sport” is significantly lacking.


OT includes also rules that seem to ensure that humans do not destroy the productivity of land. This can be seen as one form of ecological ethics.

I do not remember the passages but there were at least rules about cutting trees in war and saving the bird when taking young from the birds’ nest. Also the demand to let the agricultural land rest every seventh year helped to save the productivity. Assuming that fallows had the same effect as they have now, the fallows might have kept also some animal or plant populations alive.


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