Easiest Explanation the Best Explanation - Gen 1, Joshua

I am totally comfortable with the most obvious, easy, rational explanation for Genesis 1, 2, Noah’s Flood - and really any other cosmological statement in the set of documents popularly entitled “The Bible” - that is, the authors simply reflect the cosmology of their time period…

Why would they be expected to have any other cosmology?

We likewise see the same reflection of standard human ethics reflected in the mass genocide described in Joshua - which was a standard affair at that time once we read so many archeological inscriptions of kings boasting of their conquests… And of course their local deity was always acknowledged… sort of “my team is all hot and your team is totally shot”. All this seems most obvious, simple straight forward.

Why are we not simply working with the obvious???

What does any of this have to do with a supra-natural realm entity/entities - or Jesus of Nazareth Himself?? The obvious reality is that all these can quite peaceably co-exist if we choose to let them.

PS I appreciate my review Davis A Young’s original book published in 1982 - and his finally dismissing the silly Day-Age theory. Not sure if he has quite moved to allowing the writers of these documents to simply be who they are…


Because they were inspired by God who cannot lie to reveal the absolute, literal, historic, scientific truth inerrantly and infallibly for all time. So the Amalekites had it coming. And so does anyone who won’t believe and God knows who they are so doesn’t have to bother with them. How could any true Muslim disagree?


Is that really the obvious, clear explanation - that makes perfect sense with the available data??

Or simply a made up fantasy - that one has to go through all manner of gyrations and disingenuity to manage??

Of course! All you have to do is believe and all the mere evidence can be reasoned to fit minimally, Occamianly of course, with a truly sound mind. Jesus had to die for your sins so it all follows.

Fair enough :upside_down_face:

I guess the Mormon missionaries are in a good place - and the Muslim apologist - and the Q/Trump cult adherents - and the anti-vaxxers…

Just believe - and it will be true. Fair enough!!

I… believe the psychology is even more lumpen; whatever I believe is true. That even explains a goodwill natural explanation of Jesus and His followers. Belief=absolute truth. If I believe it, whatever it is, I must have good reasons for doing so! Whatever they are…

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