Doubts, confusion and questions

I wouldn’t dream any more of involving God in evolution beyond grounding the being of the infinite physical from eternity. Why does there have to be an insurance plan? Who’s covered by it?

I have a question.

Why was there a tree that grants life in a garden of immortal humans? If they were already immortal then they would not need the tree that grants life and if they only need the tree if something went wrong, but would be kicked out if it went wrong, what was the point of the tree?

Only thing that textually make sense would be that Adam and Eve was not immortal and that the tree sustained their life and when they sinned they were cast out of the garden and prevented from continuing to eat from the tree of life.

If that’s the case it means without that tree they would eventually die and that opens up the possibility for physical death to already be inside the world.

That would also line up why Cain was afraid to leave Eden because of others outside of Eden that would
Kill him. So he was marked to be safe. We can’t reason textually that the others was his parents because they never fled from Eden as far as we know. We can’t say it was his siblings because he left before Seth was born and Eve said Seth replaced Abel making it clear that she had no other kids until Abel was replaced by Seth.

So that means that the other humans outside of the garden was not kids of Adam and Eve and that they did not have the tree of life to sustain them so that means they would die.

The death Adam was threatened with was not physical death but a spiritual death. Sin has always been in the world, but sin is not sin until God draws a line in the sand. The other humans did not have a land drawn in the sand at that time. We are not sure when that line was drawn for them because even in the gospels and epistles there is a noted difference in what was sinful to jews and gentiles.

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