Does the concept of the Rapture lead Evangelical Christians against preserving Creation?

You too would enjoy the book “Unraptured”


The PCA has amillenial as the default position (no official one, though), so I haven’t heard very much of the other views from within it. Local Baptists/independents tend more toward having other positions, but I’m not sure which.


Timothy, when you have more timein your life, and have interest, feel free to look into comparative theologies of eschatology. From my Baptist skeptic POV, PCA’s is much healthier.

I am familiar with what different general views are, but have not asked people what their views on the subject are, so I am uncertain of how much variation there is among people I know. My impression is that (at least here), the Pentecostal/Charismatic types tend to go with pre-trib, and for others it’s more varied, but that is a vague guess on my part.


Independent, conservative Baptist churches I have been in my whole life and know of, are pretrib/dispensational on paper. I think a lot of is in the pew are more puzzled. I think most people go with what they are taught but couldn’t defend it. I have only ever met a few super hard cor pretrib/dispensationalists, who knew how to cut one off at every side street. One volunteered in the last few years at our old church library that I had run. I’m sure she has cleaned out the shakier titles I had put in for folks looking for answers by now.

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