Do animals communicate with us?

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I had a dog once who was a good friend? When we received her, she had not learned doggie noises. Therefore, I made noises to her that dogs could make; however, dogs usually don not make. My wife and I have a cat now that came from the wild. I have taught it to meow twice whenever it sees me. I only does it to me and not my wife. Does that mean that animals can learn forms of communication too? It may be primitive; however, it seems to be communication.

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There have been gorillas who have been taught to sign and bonobos who have been taught to use symbol boards similar to ones some autistic people use. Animal communication is a whole field of study. I don’t think anyone argues that animals don’t communicate. What gets disputed is whether animals use semiotic systems complicated enough to count as “language.” Some researchers say they do.

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Thank you for your answer. I believe that animals have a very primitive level of language and body communication. I have seen that in former pets of mine. I hope you will join us under Theology/Philosophy under the title: The Evolution of Human Language. God bless

Post Scriptum: You are a nice person too. I really mean that. Also, you are quite polite.



You would love this free course: Dog Emotion and Cognition taught by Brian Hare of Duke University.

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It is nice to hear from you. I will be happy to view the course since communication is one of my favorite subjects. You are a very kind lady and reflect the kindness that Jesus shows. I had to go to Patient First after Nancy and I went to see at Cinemark " It’s a Wonderful Life" after church. Movies during that period had a great deal of faith in them. I still like the movie, and I wanted to see it on the big screen. Oh, it was nothing serious. I had a small eye infection. Again, thank you for the kindness.

Post Scriptum: I just became a Follower of The American Scientific Affiliation. Dr. Irwin Moon of the Moody Institute of Science belonged to this. I should see some interesting articles.

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