Did some ancient Greeks believe in Intelligent Design and Evolution

This is really a historical topic; however, I felt it would draw more attention on the scientific beliefs of the ancient Greeks. Please join this blog and mention who believed in Intelligent Design and Evolution. By the way, you may pronounce the word evolution the way it is done in Great Britain.

Not a bad answer. I will respond more tomorrow. Have a good night, Eddie. I want to thank you for your taking part.

On the whole, I can agree that Aristotle was no evolutionist. However, I would like to make a quote from a paper called The Theory of Origin in Aristotle’s Metaphysics. I quote as follows:

According to Aristotle, this theory can be applied to the origin of the world. Once the world was set in motion, it was given potential for that which moves in constantly changing and therefore has potential. Aristotle says that change is eternal. Since the world is constantly changing, it is eternal, meaning it had a beginning but has no end. For this reason God is infinite because God lacks potential. As the immovable mover, it has no beginning and therefore no end. This makes God the infinite being. Aristotle believes in the theory of origin. The world is the sensible perishable put into motion by the immovable mover. He therefore means that everything in the sensible world has a cause and effect. He says, Nothing is moved at random, but there must always be something present to move it. It is for this reason that creation cannot come out of nothing. Creation was set in motion by God and is therefore finite and eternal in the sense that it was created and therefore had a beginning but has no end.

It seems to me that Aristotle did believe in a Intelligent Designer, i.e., God, but you are correct and I concur that he was no evolutionist. I believe that some Greeks actually believed in fixity of species. You are 100% correct that ID is not tied to Biblical Religion. Let me know if you can agree with any parts of the statement above. Please explain your position. It has been good talking with you.

I appreciate your response. I realize that some people do not have the time to respond to certain things. I do not need quotations about various books since I too am educated. You are probably correct that the author is not as well trained as you or I are; however, people who are educated differ in opinions too. In any case, I wish to thank you for your participation. If you lacked the time, it was not necessary to respond at all. You did that. In any case, God bless and thank you.

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