Denominations Compared - Evolution is "Mainstream"

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This is an old article, and no doubt well known by many here. But I thought I would re-visit the article for the table it provides:

Martin’s article “Compatibility of Major U.S. Christian Denominations with Evolution”

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So that these denominations are more “searchable” by future searches of BioLogos participants, I thought I would list the denominations, from the .jpg image above, as text below:

94 million YES votes vs. 46 million NO votes.

Accepting of evolution as being compatible with their faith:
The Answer is Yes: (8 Significant Denominations)

Roman Catholic - Yes
United Methodist - Yes
Evangelical Lutheran Church of America - Yes
African Methodist Episcopal Church (AME) - Yes
Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) - Yes
Episcopal Church - Yes
Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America - Yes
United Church of Christ - Yes

Answer is NO: (9 smaller denominations)
Southern Baptist Convention - No
National Baptist Convention USA - No
Church of God in Christ - No
International Circle of Faith - No
Calvary Chapel - No
Church of God (Cleveland) - No
Assemblies of God - No
Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod - No
Seventh Day Adventists - No

Unclear Position (5 denominations)
Church of Christ - Unclear
Anabaptists - Unclear
American Baptist Churches USA - Unclear
Presbyterian Church in America - Unclear
The Vineyard - Unclear

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If my Evangelical denomination, Christian & Missionary Alliance (C&MA), was put in the chart, then I think it would be either “no” or “unclear”.

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