Denis Lamoureux Course; Q&A

Dr Denis Lamoureux @DOL, a professor on the interface between science and religion at St Joseph’s College with the University of Alberta, will host a live Q&A session on Saturday, July 18, at 1 pm Mountain Daylight Time. He invites all with questions or comments to tune in at

Subjects will deal with those from his free online course, but you don’t have to have taken the course to participate.


What Is Religion?
What Is Science?
Models on the Relationships between Science & Religion
Intelligent Design & Natural Revelation
Astronomy & the Galileo Affair
Geology & the Biblical Flood
Evolution & Darwin’s Religious Beliefs
Genesis 1-11: Biblical Accounts of Origins
Modern Origins Debate
The Problem of Evil

I hope you enjoy learning from him as much as I did.


Immediately subscribed, his curriculum vitae is astonishing ! This is what I call a man of culture …

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Do we know if the event will be recorded for those of us outside of the US?

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Great question! @DOL?
Also, I wonder if it would help for us to submit questions to you ahead of time, or list them here?

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