Dare We Test God? - COVID and the Temptation of Jesus

As we all adapt to the changes happening in our communities, we examine various types of tests, including those faced by Jesus, to wrap our minds around this global crisis.

As many of you were engaged in conversations around the right way to go about hosting church at this time, this piece may be of particular interest. Enjoy!

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Great article… funny how often Jesus is behind closed doors and not out in the open making a spectacle. Thank you for this perspective.

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Enjoyed the article, and those verses of the temptation of Christ came to mind as I read of the pastor who died of Covid-19 who had led his church to meet in spite of the recommendations not to do so. Of course, I do not think he was struck down for his actions, but he did suffer the natural consequences his actions brought into play.


I don’t find it funny at all! Usually people who are genuinely talented/clever/good/wealthy don’t make a show of it. And those who do are either fake or have some problems with their self esteem perhaps.

On another note I will mention that all places of worship here in UK decided to shut down before lockdown. That was very responsible thing to do and it took decision away from people who otherwise would feel guilty about not attending
It’s disappointing to see that it wasn’t replicated around the world.
Stay safe everyone x


I enjoyed the article too. I did skim it. Only thing I disagree with really is all the talk about God saying this or that as if the choices are moral or sinful. One of the things I consider is what scripture says vs what it does not say. Such as meeting up. There are several passages about it.

  1. We are not to give up fellowship as some are in the habit of doing.

  2. We are to be subject to our elders and assemble. Scripture goes through a lot of work to show the qualifications for being a elder, and lines out proper worship and so on. It’s clear it’s part of being a Christian. We are enjoy just lone wolfs or friends hanging out but part of a congregation that we serve.

  3. We are also told to obey the laws of the lands. Obviously the laws can’t contradict the life God called us to.

  4. There is a saying that we are to be innocent as doves and wise as serpents.

  5. A related example is how scripture warned them to be on the lookout of the abomination of desolation and when they see him to flee into the mountains. Don’t try to collect your things but run and hide.

  6. Throughout the Torah we read of sick people being isolated from the rest.

For me scripture shows many things. I still have a duty to God and to my congregation. I still need to fellowship. However, I need to do that in a way that does not contradict the very reasonable laws of the land put in place. I need to use my brain and come up with a way to meet those needs and know that it’s ok to sometimes find a safe haven to do it and make sure I’m doing it in a way to not make others sick. That’s picture scripture paints.

I believe there are many ways to do this.

  1. Drive through Church.
  2. Small group meetings of just a few people who maintain social distancing.
  3. Meeting up less frequently and using other means such as online groups, live streaming services, and of course calling each other.

I don’t think this pandemic changed anything that was not already considered and able to be found in scripture. There is not a one shoe fit but different ones for each purpose, community, and individual.

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Yes, and I didn’t mean “funny” in the sense of humor (perhaps it’s an Americanism), but more just another odd way that Jesus does not line up with the world’s measures of “popularity.”

I’m glad places of worship in the UK closed on their own initiative – that is the responsible way to do it. I would bet most in the US did the same, but it’s unfortunate that a select few have decided to be martyrs and capture so much attention – it certainly doesn’t help the church at large.

No, it’s not just an Americanism and I perfectly understood what you meant🙂

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