Creation Groans | Hope on the Other Side

After delving into the hard reality of the environmental crisis for the previous two episodes, we spend this episode with our focus on hope. We explore what exactly hope is, how it relates to optimism, and how, when we find hope, we might also find repentance, forgiveness, joy, and love.

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The link was going to the wrong episode earlier today but it should be fixed now!

Just finishing this last episode. Goodness! Thank you for this series. This episode addresses hope in ways that are applicable to many things on my mind lately.
There are many valuable, quotable moments. I particularly appreciated the discussion contrasting hope and optimism. And you had to include a poem by Wendell Berry to take it from excellent to exquisite.

For the moment, though, my take away quote comes from Willie James Jennings at about 27:38.

And so especially for Christians, we are disciplined by hope, we don’t hope because the circumstances look favorable or the situation looks like it might turn in our favor. We hope because we are inside God’s life. It is a life that we know has entered death and overcome it. So we hope as an act of profound resistance, that is discipline. And which bring sme then to what joy is…I understand joy to be an act of resistance.

Thanks for this outstanding series.

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I enjoyed it. I’ll have to go back through them though.

I hope that he finds some good vegan food. There are a tons of option. Unlimited options. It’s not really a sacrifice as much as a just an adjustment. Some cons exist such as a lot of fast food options are out the window. But honestly it’s so much easier now then when I went vegan close to 15 years or so ago. There was far les an options, especially in the Bible Belt. One of the things people can learn is that a lot of what they like and get use to with meat is the spices. Using liquid smoke, smoked paprika, nutritional yeast, maple syrup , miso and even red wine can be used to really add strong savory and sweet flavors to food. Learning about wild mushrooms can add a lot of fantastic textures. Especially when you find your first chicken of the woods with their meaty texture, a old man of the woods with their fatty texture or lion’s mane and it’s miso brine flavors. Just wonderful food.

Often people just need to spend some time looking up multiple versions of their favorite foods using plants and mushrooms.

Like I made this using impossible burger, just egg ( vegan egg ) , sweet onions, cherry tomatoes, jalapeños and seasoned with smoked paprika, chili peppers and added avocado to it. Was a tasty breakfast burrito.


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