Crazy hypotheses about evolutionary history on earth

what would happen if in fact the earth started in an orbit similar to the current one and with an axis not so tilted and a stronger magnetic field and the moon already existed and was closer to the earth conditions that later cataclysms destroyed it was also water and temperate with a weak atmosphere and the volcanism that created the initial single continent caused water to escape as vapor into low orbit forming rings of ice over time the young sun heated up causing an atmosphere with 20 times today’s pressure Composed primarily of steam water that due to atmospheric conditions became cloudy all of which facilitated the flight of heavy flying dinosaurs, already at that time there was oil created by abiogenesis, a purely geological synthesis process or by acting as colonies of bacteria on minerals, then the ice ring collapsed and that was what killed the dinosaurs in those times, the powerful atmosphere and the sun was not yet so rte That is, few UV rays led to an environment much more conducive to life than the current one, the powerful atmosphere led to a temperate climate temperature throughout the earth at that time all the continents were united, the successive falls of the ice rings They were the cataclysms that I spoke of at the beginning, there was never glaciation there, the Cambrian explosion was not an explosion of life but of violent death and rapid sedimentation, the conditions at the beginning were good for life, but since the last great cataclysm of the rings of ice, there have only been extinctions and since then, due to the too hostile environment, there have never been optimal conditions for evolution, finally the continents separated, but it was then that the mammals were already experiencing the previous cataclysms of the fall of euphoric meteorites almost extinguished humanity and if its pre-existing primitive peoples and their temples destroyed all traces of culture and among the homo genus only homo sapiens survived, other di different human races became extinct and humanity started from scratch almost on the shores of the caspian sea near turkey, iran and iraq the few surviving humans practiced polygamy or that only the chiefs reproduced in those few surviving lineages that is why the chromosomal adam is later than the mitochondrial eve because the mitochondrial adam was the only one of those few chiefs whose lineage survived and is the father of all and slept with countless women, that is why the mitochondrial eve is much older, because they lived in such close areas, culturally they converged into a single culture, it was there that writing was born, then due to territorial, political and economic conflicts, everyone fled and dispersed little by little. little until they populated the world they diverged culturally but above all genetically, hence the stories of giants who were actually homo sapiens who, due to mutations, became taller, uglier and less intelligent than the rest of the humans of that time, in those years lived the last dinosaurs that due to bad conditions then died of hunger from there the mythical dragons were born and all kinds of strange creatures explain the rest of the mythological ones although they were nothing more than animals that mutated from familiar species such as giants come from humans.

I think the main thing that would happen if all that were true is that we would live in a very different world than the actual one we find ourselves in now!

I’m sorry but I don’t get what this OP is about :neutral_face:
What if everything happened differently? As Mervin said, we would live (or perhaps not!) in a totally different world, end of story. What point are you trying to make here?

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And this I find completely unlikely. Unless all other men were sterilised, you couldn’t guarantee faithfulness of all the women. Love always finds a way :wink:

The Earth almost certainly started with a less tilted axis, and the moon was certainly closer in the past than now. However, none of the other suggestions match well with the evidence of geology and astronomy.

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