Covid and Sweden update

Here’s a recent update on cases. Still mostly younger demographics but a higher infection density makes it way harder to shield those at higher risk.

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Discourse needs another emoticon besides just a heart. Perhaps :neutral_face: or :confused:.


Brazil’s President is actively discouraging lockdown, questioning vaccine efficacy, and recommending unproven treatments.

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Someone responsible for that in a military context would be a war criminal.

Rich Mullins’ song, “We Are Not as Strong as We Think We Are,” comes to mind here. He is not evil. Sometimes it is hard for me to remember that the enemy is Covid, not those who disagree with the approach.

Evil’s natural. What astounds me is how turkeys keep voting for Christmas. People like Bolsonaro, Trump, Johnson, Putin, Hitler were all democratically elected by people who would rather have less as long as some get nothing.

…telling Brazilians to stop whining, never mind the mourning.

I will not be surprised if multiple variants come from there that escape vaccines, the infection rates are so massive and the population of replicating virus so enormous.

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