Coronavirus chaos as a black swan: is the future changing?

In Finland, a national news company noted an interesting possibility. Coronavirus chaos may act as a black swan phenomenon that changes the future. Black swan phenomena are unexpected threats or events that may have drastic effects when they suddenly pop up. The spread of a new virus was not unexpected, but the strength of the global reaction was.

Local experts pictured three possible scenarios:
(1) No long-term effects, things return to business-as-usual after the chaos is over. This scenario is possible especially if the chaos does not last months.

(2) A step back in globalization and an eco-friendlier lifestyle. One expert guestimated that the way of living may change especially if the chaos lasts more than six months. After six months, many persons should have noted that life is easier if you don’t fly to distant countries so often, many local products may be even better than exported products, etc. If governments are willing to sacrifice economic growth to save lives now, the same may happen more easily in the case of climate change or other global threats. Even if the lifestyle of citizens would not change, companies are likely to change practices. Less traveling, more remote meetings and work. Changes in supply chains of components as companies are willing to pay slightly more to ensure the security of supply. More tolerance for inefficiency, for example by having larger stores of components to ensure uninterrupted production.

(3) A step towards state control and increasing discrimination. Many countries have restricted civil rights and closed borders to prevent the spread of the virus. Citizens have accepted this as a necessary action in an exceptional situation. The threshold of restricting civil rights may be lower after the authorities have noted that citizens accept such measures if these increase safety. Discrimination against strangers and marginalized people may deepen because these may spread diseases.

What do you think of these scenarios?


Good to think about. I think it’s worthwhile to keep an eye on #3 to prevent it from happening – I do hear fringe conspiracy theories about how it’s all part of a plot, blah blah blah, but maybe we can do our part to see #2 become more of the reality.


I agree that it may make long term changes is society. In church life, it may be the death of megachurches, and decrease church attendance permanently. We may see more house churches or small groups. Youth mission trips overseas may disappear. If the economy remains depressed, donations will fall and there may be a lot of empty churches due to economic failure.

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Hey! Come on @Laura! That the Illuminati and the skin stealing space lizards are working together to bring about a new world order through coronavirus chemtrails (with the help of big Pharma’s mind control vaccinations) is hardly a conspiracy theory.

You see Covid-19 is actually a code name. COVID refers to the Conspiracy to Overthrow Valid International Democracies (the ‘to’ is silent). Whilst 19 refers to the number world leaders who brokered the plan with the space lizards on behalf of the illuminarti.

It’s obvious when you think about it. The evidence is all there - hidden in plain sight - you just need to know where to look. I’d say more but I think they are on to m-----

[sound of tranquilliser dart through the window… Groan… THUD]


Wow, I feel truly enlightened! I must share this with my friends so they’ll all see how woke I am. Now I just want to know which of the 19 world leaders are the 10 horns on the beast from Revelation 12.


Don’t forget chemtrails.

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Humans will do whatever is easiest and cheapest. I don’t think that will change.

T_aquaticus, I agree if you mean people who are poor, very self-centered or the older persons stuck to their current life style. If you have little money, cheapest may be the only possible option even if you would have good will.

Yet, the last years have demonstrated that price is not the only thing that matters. At least in Europe, ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘responsible’ are words that seem to matter when (young) consumers choose products. I assume that this is becoming a global trend because companies have modified their strategies accordingly. Even stock markets have responded, during the last year (before the coronavirus crisis) money seemed to flow to funds labelled as ‘responsible’.
The coronavirus crisis has also shown that there is widespread willingness to save lives and help others, even if that is not the cheapest or easiest choice.

It is also interesting to see if this changes the practices of local churches. Months without public meetings is a challenge. Maybe this will boost other kind of contacts and activities within churches.

Coronavirus pandemics can be seen as a global semi-experiment. This will show if a wide-spread crisis will change anything.

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