Coming to Believe, Growing in Faith, and Engaging with Science

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God is most present when you are wrestling with your faith.
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Thanks for this article which I read with a great deal of empathy, even if my jouney was significantly different. Yet it is not the differences that are the issues. I experienced the same crisis in my life in very different circumstances.

I hate to use a phrase like “Crisis Theology” because it systematizes a very operative principle in our lives: Crisis breeds doubt, and doubt breeds introspection, and introspection breed looking at options.

As a counselor once told me, _“Ray, you’re holding onto a rock in a raging river, and letting go is the only way you’ll find a way to the shore. Which shore is up to you! But you have to let go and struggle through the rapids if you want to get home!”

After nearly a decade of swimming, I am now home!

God seems to more often work in the thunderstorms of our life, rather than the still quiet voice when we are doing well.

Another is story from my grandpa (and he did have a mule!). "If you want your mule to get moving, you need two things. A buggy-whip and a firm voice. The voice is to tell mulie where to go. The whip is to get him moving!

As far as engaging with Science. I have a lifelong love of Science. I seldom entered into any conversation or study on Genesis because it was too much “…just so story.” In 2013 I read Walton “Lost World of Genesis” and the floodgates opened, the angels sang, the… you get the idea. Suddenly I had a reasonable place to combine my two loves of theology and science!

I also identify with Rob Mitchell is bio, as I am 64 years old, have an M-Div from Azusa Pacific University, and had a 30+ year career in Information Technology (paper punch tape to a high-speed fiber networked data farm)

Well done Rob!