Collins to step down from NIH

Apparently, Dr. Collins is stepping down. What a wonderful and meaningful career! I am sure this past couple of years have been stressful, but he can step down with the knowledge that his leadership helped many through this difficult time. Well done!


I’ll glad he’s stepping down because of personal convictions to lead the way and not because of anything bad. I wonder if that means he will be more active here or what all else he has planned. Maybe a good book on human evolution interwoven with faith.


He’s going back to his research on the cure for genetic illnesses, so it’s not like he is retiring.


I understand. I just remember hearing he could not be actively involved with other organizations, like BioLogos, while also the director of NIH. Which would mean he would now be able to be more active without worrying about any issues. Retiring or not I imagine being towards the hopeful end of covid and no longer the director will mean more free time than what he had been dealing with.


Yes, we are talking with him about what more he will be able to do with us :slight_smile:


I can just hear the wheels turning there … so! … he thinks he’s retiring, eh?

He’s not retiring! :slight_smile: He is just not going to be the Director, but he is resuming his lab work at NIH.

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I have been wondering about Collins actions in recent denials of NIH gain-of-function research where the evidence seems to show otherwise. Evolutionnews has a headline article listing more concerns. Just wondering what others think of it all.


I looked over their recent article, and would say it is typical their writing style. Particularly, the article tended to make suggestive remarks and innuendo without any substantive sources as references, as well as taking things out of context. Fauci is actually the one primarily attacked in the NYT article quoted, and he has been honest and open as far as I can see, with some of the disagreement being on the definition of gain of function.


Hugely disappointing. I’d heard he was going to be a Forum moderator.


I have read of some of this too, 21century. I am sure that there will be a lot of speculation!

I could not agree with you more. Dr. Collins deserves a hearty “Well Done and God’s speed!” as he moves forward.

Personally, Dr. Collins and his book The Language of God have greatly influenced my thinking. I have referred nonbelievers and students to his work simply because his testimony is in the first chapter, and he is a credible voice in the secular world.


I remember watching doctor Collins speaks on Covid-19 and his work at the front. Especially hard was hearing about him starting every day at work watching new numbers of death from this disease and how “mind numbing” it was. I hope that experience doesn’t damaged him irrecoverable deep.

Wish you all well dr. Collins.

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