Clergy vs Laypeople on Views about Evolution

I’ve been a pastor in a conservative Lutheran denomination since 1982. Most of the clergy are young earth creationists. l was surprised to see the following research from the Pew organization indicating that more than half of the laypeople in the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod accept evolution in some form. I’m interested to see if this might be the case in other denominations as well. Here’s the research summary from Pew.

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Thanks for this. I tried to find the notes on Baptists (I attend an independent Baptist church with ties to the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches), which is staunchly YEC; I tried to find data in the Pew archives, but haven’t found much relevant yet (probably need to look under Southern Baptist). I’m EC, but the views about the Missouri Synod are interesting!.

It was interesting to me to read how much difference the changing of the questions makes a different response.

This study is five years old now, but the results back up your insight about how the questions are asked.

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