CDC data, vaxxed and unvaxxed

There seems to be a wealth of information in the simple graft shown regarding deaths in vaxxed and unvaxxed groups.

First thing that strikes me is the fall off in deaths in the unvaxxed after the huge Delta peak. Definately a good sign, but to me it seems to relate to the unvaxxed developing some natural immunity due to infection and the death of vulnerable people. It will be interesting to see how it continues to fall.
The second thing that strikes me is the rise in the death rate among the vaxxed after being very low. It seems the Delta varient as well as perhaps falling immunity with the vaccine is at play there.
Any thoughts?


I think, too, that the drop in overall deaths has increased a significantly with change in supportive treatment. Michigan has quite a spike in cases lately, but the death rate seems to be lower among those hospitalized than it had been. I’m not sure of the actual stats. The vaccine effectiveness remains about 89% here, but those with the vaccine are dramatically less sick when they do get the bug (it seems to be 8 months after vaccine recently, as many had their shots in Feb-March of this year). Those vaccinated requiring hospitalization are typically 70 + median age with 4 major medical problems, whereas those unvaccinated are median 50 with 2 major medical problems. Thanks.


That is a good thing, but also wonder if it reflects the lower age of those hospitalized and lower risk, as the older population seems to be better immunized and less likely to have severe illness.

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Very good point…and another reason I should leave that up to the CDC and stop my conjecturing! You are probably right. It is still a horrible disease.

Conjecturing is fine. Conjuring is discouraged. We see some of both these days in all this.

I do think it is being treated better as we know more, but still no magic bullet. Perhaps in addition to steroids, and now more effective anti-virals, the more aggressive anti-coagualation of patients has helped with the thrombotic aspects of the disease. It seems that advances are almost always incremental, whereas our desire is for a magic cure.


Yes, I have to keep that in mind all the time–the clot/DVT rate has really increased. Good points.

The vaccine is our best cure, as someone else said–it’s the case for all viral illnesses so far. It really has helped a lot.

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