Calvinist Hymnal Released (Babylon Bee)


U.S.—A coalition of Reformed churches in America announced Tuesday a revised hymnal, including hundreds of classic hymns that have been newly edited to reflect a more Calvinistic view of God and salvation.


Calvinist Hymnal Released

(Jon Garvey) #2

Ah - now even BioLogos gets in on the fake news act. Let nobody every criticise Creationists for spreading false science again…


This is a parody.

(Mervin Bitikofer) #4

Ahhh – Jon. You’re missing out on some great humor! The Babylon Bee is to church news what the Onion is to general news! They’ve had some side-splitting articles! Read this one to see how authentic you are.

Of course, I guess fake news has to start somewhere – so maybe you have a point on that. I’m pretty sure none of this was intended at its source to be taken seriously, but of course nobody can mandate what all of any potential audience will do with it.

(Jay Nelsestuen) #5

No one is safe from The Babylon Bee.