Breaking God Out of the Box: My Story of Doubt and Discovery

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Evolution was never the problem. I was the problem.
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Thank you for sharing your story, J.D. - very encouraging.

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Nice job, J.D. I’m sure that many can identify with your doubts. Let’s hope and pray that they, too, can grow stronger in their faith when it is tested, even when the adversity is intellectual and self-inflicted. Blessings in your journey.

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A moving story, beautifully written, and inspiring. I came from the other direction, but Collins’ book brought me to the same place. Peace.

(George Brooks) #5

A great quote:

“As time wore on, my previously stable beliefs about evolution began to crumble. High school biology classes showed how genetic variations lead to the development of new species over long periods of time.”

" Friends shared knowledge on archaeological layering that highlighted the implausibility of a literal reading of the biblical Flood story."

" I read books that described how varying levels of oxygen are found at different depths in the arctic circle, showing a decay of atoms that indicated a timespan of billions of years."

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Thank you, J.D.

“As I questioned him about the fossils known as “Lucy,” he explained, simply, that these new findings must be false because Genesis was to be interpreted literally. I regarded this rebuttal as unequivocal proof that evolutionary findings were always false, regardless of what the evidence supposedly said.” - See more at:

What is clear is that the question of evolution for YEC is not a question of science, but a question of faith. What they need is permission to believe that God did not create the universe in 6 days.

The best way to do this is to quote John 1:1 and other Biblical references outside Gen 1, but this is not ordinarily what BioLogos does. The question is one of theology, not of science.

The Bible tells us Who created the universe, while science tells us how, but there is good evidence in the Bible that God did not create the universe in 6 days.

Nota bene: Just because evolutionary science presents a better picture of the world than Young Earth Creationism, does not mean that evolutionary science is above criticism. We need to be very critical of how it answers questions about how humans came to be.