BioLogos founder Francis Collins appears on PBS


This evening, Biologos founder Francis Collins appeared on the PBS NewsHour, discussing the president’s call to cure cancer once and for all. View the segment here.

(Patrick ) #2

I was very happy that Obama announced a new major initiative on cancer. Francis Collins is uniquely positioned to provide command and control of all the money and the research effort to focus on using genetic research to move forward on may cancers. Biologos should be supportive of this effort and mention to Collins Biologos members like Morgan.

(Brad Kramer) #3

I should note that, even at BioLogos, we don’t always know when he’s going to be on TV. He’s in that sort of position. I’ve turned on the TV several times and seen him unexpectedly.


I didn’t know ahead of time. It was a pleasant surprise.


If anybody wants to know more about the history of fighting cancer I recommend the Pulitzer Prize-winning book by Siddhartha Mukherjee called “Cancer: the Emperor of all Maladies.” PBS recently adapted it into a multi-part documentary, see it online here. We should pay attention to material like this.

Edit: 1 in 3 American women and 1 in 2 American men will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetimes.