Behavioral Science and Pastoral Care: Finding Wholeness at the Intersection

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Scientific Disciplines that should inform Christian ministry
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Good article. Thank you. We need both science and faith.

(Phil) #3

Enjoyed the article, and agree fully with the author. The Babylon Bee reference above is great also, but almost too close to reality in some churches to consider satire.
I am fortunate in that our pastor is strongly supportive of professional counseling, though finding professional counselors with a Christian worldview is sometimes difficult. Ideally, it should not matter that much I suppose, but often referring to a counselor is difficult for a pastor as well as the parishioner, and knowing the counselor is faith friendly helps.
Any thoughts on that?

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Thanks JPM! I don’t have a problem referring to non-Christian therapists. Sometimes, their insights and perspective on life can be really helpful. But as a pastor, I still shepherd the person through it. I can help the person in my church to understand biblically what they are hearing from a non-Christian therapist. I do prefer a Christian therapist, but don’t shy away from someone who is not.

(Phil) #5

That is good to hear, and also I am enlightened by your comments about shepherding people through the process. So often referral to a therapist means they are sent out and never seen back. In my medical practice, therapy is often a black hole in part due to privacy concerns, there is seldom any feedback given from the therapist or psychiatrist, and often the patient does not return voluntarily for multiple reasons.