Australia, Lockdowns Targeted at the Unvaccinated - a Believer's Response?

Yes, reading that gives me a real appreciation for Luther, even with his warts. Something to share, and thanks for putting it up here.

Got my Moderna booster yesterday. Other than a sore arm and mild headache, no other effects other than better internet connection. :wink: No fever or chills, which I had to a small degree with the 2nd vaccine. I did take a little Ibuprofen, so that may have helped with that.

It will be interesting to see what the economic effects of Covid will be when comparing countries who did a good job with vaccination are compared to those who did not. Of course, that will be hard to tease out due to variations in baseline economic status and related availability of vaccine.


I hadn’t yet thought about this comparison. Thank you for pointing it out.

That’s so sad to hear about Texas. Yes, we are doing remarkably well, all things considered. Our government is taking a very careful approach, which though frustrating for many, has payed off with human lives saved.

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A great read! Thankyou for sharing this. I’ve only ever seen snippets.

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Thanks so much everyone for your helpful comments!

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