As a result of our means to communicate, is that the reason one needs to have friends and talk to others and exchange ideas?

Since human beings can talk and communicate, is that the reason why friendships and social connections are necessary? Also, is that the reason for loneliness when one does not have these essentials? Did that occur to as a result of the development of the human brain?

Humans are social animals, all humans need to interact with other humans. Solitary confinement is considered torture. We need to talk socialize, vent, propose, debate, argue to stay sane. Without another human, we start doing the socializing, venting, debating with ourselves and that is the start of mental illness.

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The same applies to non-human social animals. it’s a terrible thing to keep a horse by itself, since horses are herd animals and sociable by nature. In Sweden, you aren’t even allowed to keep a horse by itself. Sometimes a goat makes a good companion for an equine.

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