ARTICLE: The Impact of School Closures in UK

Hi all, so this BBC article is causing waves in the UK right now. I wonder what your take on the matter is?

Personally, I have serious concerns about whether the studies have taken into account class size (34+ in most state schools), parents of 5-11 y/os breaking isolation to gather in large numbers twice a day for drop off and pick up, and the practicalities of keeping young children 2meters apart at all times! Perhaps they have?

In addition, not much thought appears to have been given to the poor teachers, classroom assistants, and lunch monitors who have to spend 9-3 every day surrounded by hordes of known disease vectors without proper PPE.

Finally, there is the appalling notion that a 2-4% increase in deaths (20-40 people per 1000) is an acceptable amount of losses to get schools open and people working. Reminds me of the US senator (?) chap who implied that grandparents would gladly die to safeguard a healthy economy for their grandchildren…

Sorry, a bit of a rant there :see_no_evil:. Thoughts welcome, replies will be less ranty - I promise!

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It is interesting how we value life monetarily. I remember a lecture some years ago where the public health folks arbitrarily put a limit of spending 50K dollars to extend one life one year. I do not know if that is inflated more today or not, but with limited resources, you have to have some measure as to how to spend your funds. In this, the cost is to society as a whole, and it is interesting to see how people react when economics is a factor in determining if someone lives or dies. Those who say, “Spare no expense” in treating Grandma seem to have a different view when it is their money, and someone else’s grandma.
I live in a fairly rural setting, with few cases so far and it is discouraging to see the number of people who say we should all go back to normal activities. But, self interest rules no matter the setting, it seems. Even for Adam and Eve in paradise!

For me where I live in america it makes almost no difference to keep them out. Spring break lasts 2 weeks and shortly afterwards it’s summer vacation for a few months. So going back early would only place them back for a few more weeks.

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