Are Humans a product of Evolution? Are animals?

Hi, I’m a student! My class is currently learning about Genisis and the connection between the book of scripture and the book of nature. Posting these questions is part of an assignment. Please freely voice your opinions! :slight_smile:

I’ll point you to the uniquely unique series of pod cast by biologos:

Biologically their is no doubt for me. But whilst biology is the only rigorous definition of what make an animal, biology is not the only thing that defines what a human is.

Ultimately, its not because something has no unique characteristic that is not unique. Carbon for example has no unique characteristic compared to other atoms, it doesn’t even have an out standing (which is not the case for humans we have several outstanding characteristics compared to other animals), but the combination it has makes it the element that is able to create complexe compounds that enables life on a completely different order of magnitude than any other element.
Similarly programmes and computer are all made of similar component, even macro component, yet the combination of these can make wildly different programmes and computer with very different capabilities.

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Can you tell us more about your assignment, so we can better understand what information you need and how it will be used?

Welcome! It is good to have you here! A good place to start is with defining evolution. It can most simply be defined as change over time, and in biology, it amounts to changes in the DNA that are passed down to later generations. Few would argue that that does not occur, as changes are now fairly easily measured, and we know they are passed down through the generations.
Some in the young earth camp would agree with that, but say that many of those changes were already there at the time of creation, and only small changes could have occurred since the earth is young. Some in other camps have different views regarding ongoing creation that is new and not arising from previous animals. Each view has its problems. Evolution holds that those small changes have continued for a long time, as the earth is ancient, and accounts for the amazing diversity of life today. When looking at the genetic evidence, the fossil evidence, and the interrelatedness of life, evolution offers the best explanation as to how it came to be, of how the puzzle pieces fit together.

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We have to respond to at least two of the comments and then write a short essay on whether the commenter used a concordist or non-concordist approach to answer the question.

Yes we are the byproduct of evolution just like every other animal, fungi and plant. We can verify this in a few ways. First of all we don’t see our fossils in every single geological layer. For a fact we don’t see them in the majority. We don’t see our fossils for ex some when dinosaurs existed. We don’t see evidence of bipedal apes before those who walk predominantly on all four.

We can also look at our morphology. We share basal traits with primates. We can see when various divergent traits begin. We also have genetics to further support this.

Truth comes from reality – the truth that comes from the reality of the data that God has revealed in the Bible and the truth that comes from the reality of data that God has revealed in creation. They do not and cannot conflict. If they appear to, then our interpretation of one or the other or both is flawed.

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