Are fractals proof of design?

(Ryan weatherly) #1

From our galaxy to dna , fractal geometry shows repetitions in the equation of existence .
In laymens terms , repeating patterns throughout nature .
Fractals in math appear infinite .

Is this a hint to a " designer"?


Math seems to point to something or someone behind the structure of the universe!
You will really enjoy this from Nova:

The Great Math Mystery

(Ryan weatherly) #3

Thank you , I will check it out .
Here is a video about fractals in nature.

(Jennifer Thomas) #4

I love this Nova episode!

(Jennifer Thomas) #5

Thanks, Ryan @1god, for posting the video about fractals in nature. The photos speak to your question in ways where words perhaps fall short.

(Ryan weatherly) #6

I think so too , but I try to stay open to correction .

(RiderOnTheClouds) #7

I wouldn’t say ‘proof’, but they definitely count as evidence, which could as as proof when put together with all the rest of the evidence for design.

(Juan Romero) #8

I remembered this video.

(Joshua Hedlund) #9

Thanks for the link. I had read and enjoyed Livio’s book (Is God A Mathematician?) - that NOVA episode was like a high-quality one-hour condensed documentary version of the book.